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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): James 5

1 a He menaceth them with the vengeance of God, which shal not onely make them to wepe, but to howle and despare.

3 c To suffice til the end of the worlde.

5 d Which were the dayes of the sacrifices, or feasts when they vsed to banket & fede more abundantly then other dayes.

7 e Which is when the corne is sowen, & a litle before it is mowen.

7 ! Exhorteth vnto pacience

12 g That which must be affirmed, affirme it simply and without othe: likewise that which must be denied: by this he taketh not from the magistrate his autoritie who may require an othe for the maintenance of justice judgement, and trueth.

12 / Or, hypocrisie.

14 i Which in those dayes was a signe of the gift of healing, but now the gift being taken away, the signe is to no vse.

14 k In calling on the Name of the Lord.

16 l Open that which greueth you, that a remedie may be founde: and this is commanded bothe for him that complaineth & for him that heareth, that the one shulde shewe his grief to the other.

20 ! And one to labour to bring another to the trueth.