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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): James 4

1 a For the Law of the members continually fighteth against the Law of the minde.

1 ! Hauing shewed the cause of all wrong, and wickednes, and also of all graces and goodnes.

4 b He calleth adulterers here after the maner of the Scriptures, them which preferre the pleasures of the worlde to the loue of God.

5 c The imagination of mans heart is wicked, {Gene 6 and 5, & 8,21}

9 d The greke worde signifieth that heauines, which is joyned with a certeine sham fastnes, as appeareth in the countenance.

11 e In vsurping the autoritie of judging, which is due to the Law.

13 g We oght to submit our selues to the prouidence of God.

17 h He answereth to them which said they knewe what was good, but they wolde not do it.