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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 2

1 ! He exhorteth vs to be obedient vnto the new Law which Christ hathe giuen vs.

1 a We must diligently kepe in memorie the doctrine, which we haue learned, lest like vessels ful of chappes we leake, and runne out on euerie parte.

2 b Which was the Law giuen to Moses by the hands of the Angels. {Gal. 3,19. act. 7,53}

3 c As the Gospel is which onely offereth saluation.

3 d That is, the Apostles.

5 e Which Esai calleth the new heauens, and the newe earth, {chap. 65,17}.whereof Christ is the father, {Isa. 9,6} that is, the head of vs his members.

6 f He speaketh here chiefly of the faithful, which are made through Christ citizens of the worlde to come where they shal enjoye with their prince all these things which now they haue onely but in parte.

8 h To them which object that they se not these things accomplished in man, the Apostle answereth that they are fulfilled in Christ our captaine who leadeth his to the same glorie with him.

9 k By his vertue which moste manifestly appeareth in the Church.

9 ! And not to be offended at the infirmitie and lowe degre of Christ.

10 ! Because it was necessarie that for our sakes he shulde take suche an humble state vpon him, that he might be like vnto his brethren.

10 l Jesus Christ by himbling him self & taking vpon him the forme of a seruant, which was our flesh, & mortalitie, giueth vs assurance of our saluation.

10 m Therefore we by afflictions are made like to the sonne of God.

11 n The head & members are of one nature: so Christ which sanctifieth vs, & we that are sanctified, are all one by the vnion of our flesh.

13 p Meaning, that Christ touching his humanitie put his trust in God.

13 q Isai speaketh this of him self, & his disciples, but properly it is applied to Christ the head of all ministers.

17 t Not onely as touching nature, but also qualities, onely sinne except.

18 u Forasmuche as he is exercised in our miseries, we may be assured, that at all times in our tentations he will sucker vs.