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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 1

1 a God, who is euer constant, and merciful to his Church, declared his wil in time past, not all at once or after one sorte, but from time to time, and in sondrie sortes: but now last of all he hathe fully declared all trueth to vs by his Sonne.

2 b So that now we may not credit anie new reuelations after him.

2 c He entreateth here of Christ, bothe as touching his persone, which is verie God, & verie man, by whome all things are made, and also as touching his office, whereby he is King Prophet & Priest.

3 e So that our sinnes can be purged by none cause he was at the time appointed declared to the worlde.

3 d The liuelie image and paterne, so that he that seeth him, seeth the Father, {John 14, 9}: for els the persone of the Father is not sene, but apprehended by faith.

7 h He compareth the Angels to the windes, which are here beneth, as Gods messengers.

7 ! And of their office

9 k This is ment in that that the worde is made flesh, and that the holie Gost was powred on him, without measure, that we may all receiue of him euerie one according to his measure.