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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Philemon 1

3 ! He rejoyceth to heare of the faith and loue of Philemon.

6 a Thy beneuolence towarde the Saintes, which prodedeth of a liuelie and effectual faith.

6 b That experience may declare that you are the members of Jesus Christ.

7 c Meaning their inwarde partes & affections were through his charitie comforted.

9 ! Whome he desireth to forgiue his seruant Onesimus, and louingly to receiue him againe.

16 e For he is thy seruant by condicion, & also now the Lords, to the bothe for thine owne sake and for the Lords you oghtest to loue him.

17 f That all thine is mine, & all mine is thine.

20 g Grant me this benefite, which shalbe moste acceptable vnto me of all others.