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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Timothy 4

2 a Leaue none occasion to preache and to profite.

5 c So behaue thy self in this office that men may be able to charge thee with nothing, but rather approue thee in all things.

6 / Or, dissoluing.

6 ! Maketh mention of his owne death.

11 e Hereby it is manifest that Peter as yet was not at Rome, and if euer he was there it is vncerteine.

14 g For Paul sawe in him manifest signes of reprobation.

16 h If S. Peter had bene there he wolde not haue forsaken him.

18 k That I commit nothing vnworthie mine office.

1 ! He exhorteth Timotheus to be seruent in the word, and to suffer aduersitie.

1 / Or, adiure.