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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Colossians 3

1 a After that ye haue bene dead to beggerlie ceremonies.

2 b Which ether serue but for a time, or els are inuented by men.

5 d Extinguish all the strength of the corrupt nature which resisteth against the Spirit, that ye may liue in the Spirit, and not in the flesh.

10 ! To put of the olde man and to put on Christ.

12 ! To the which he addeth exhortations, bothe general and particular to charitie & humilitie.

12 e He sheweth what frutes are in them that are dead to the worlde & are risen againe with Christ.

15 / Or, gracious, or thinkeful.

16 h Psalmes properly conteine complainings to God, narrations, & expostulations: hymnes, onely thankes giuing: songs conteine praises, & thankes giuing, but not so largely and amply, as hymnes do.

16 / Or, thankes giuing.

25 m Whether he be master or seruant.