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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ephesians 2

3 b Not by creation, but by Adams transgression, and so by byrth.

5 ! To magnifie the grace of Christ, which is the onlie cause of saluation.

5 c Bothe jewe and Gentil

5 / Or, with Christ.

6 d We that are the members are raised vp from death & reigne with our head Christ in heauen by faith.

10 e Here he meaneth, as concerning grace, and not by nature.

11 f He sheweth here that the further the Gentiles were of from the grace of God, the greater detters they are now

to the same.

11 ! He sheweth them what maner of people they were before their conuersion.

12 g It was but one couenant, but because it was diuers times confirmed & established, therefore here he calleth them Couenants.

12 h Where no promes is, there is no hope.

14 i That is, the cause of the diuision that was betwene the Jewes and the Gentiles.

15 k For in Christ all things were accomplished, which were prefigurate in the Law.

16 l For of the Jewes and the Gentiles he made one flocke.

16 / Or, death.