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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ephesians 1

3 a As with the knowledge of God in Christ, with faith, hope, charitie and other giftes.

4 ! He sheweth that the chief cause of their saluacion standeth in the fre election of God through Christ.

4 b This election to life euerlasting can neuer be changed: but in temporal offices, which God hathe appointed for a certeine space, when the terme is expired, he changeth his election, as we se in Saul and Judas.

4 c When Christs justice is imputed ours.

5 d Where as we were not the natural children he receiued vs by grace, and made vs his children.

6 e The principal end of our election is to praise & glorifie the grace of God.

10 g By this he meaneth the whole bodie of the Church, which he diuideth into them, which are in heauen, & them which are in earth: also the faithful which remaine in earth, stand of the Jewes & the Gentiles.

14 i Thogh we be redemed from the bondage of sinne by the death of Christ, {Rom 6:22}, yet we hope for this seconde redemption which shalbe when we shal possesse our inheritance in the heauens, whereof we haue the the holie Gost for gage, as {Chap. 4, 30}

16 ! He declareth his good wil towarde them giuing thankes and praying God for their faith.

20 l Made him Gouernour of all things bothe in heauen & in earth: so that Christs bodie is now onely there, or els it shulde not be a true bodie and his accencion shulde be but a fantasitcal thing and onely imagined.

23 m This is the great loue of Christ towarde his Church that he counteth not him self perfect without vs which are his members: and therefore the Church is also called Christ as {1 Cor. 12,12}