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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 11

1 a He calleth the praising of him self dotage to the which thing the arrogancie of the false apostles compelled him, who soght nothing els, but to ouer throwe the Church by diminishing the autorite of his ministerie.

1 b To speake in mine owne commendation.

2 c The minister marieth Christ & his Church as hous band and wife by the preaching of the Gospel.

2 ! He declareth his affection towarde them.

4 e More excellent giftes of the spirit by other mens preaching.

4 d That is, more perfite doctrine concerning Christ Jesus.

5 f They did not preache Christ more purely then I did: for in this behalfe I was nothing inferior to the chiefest Apostles.

5 ! The excellencie of his ministerie

9 i He did not onely labour with his handes for his liuing, but in his extreme pouertie preached diligently, without burdening anie man, or els waxing slothful to do his duetie to euerie man.

10 k Let not the trueth of Christ be thoght to be in me, if I suffer my joye to be shut vp, which I haue conceiued or Greciae.

12 l To sclander my ministerie, if I shulde receiue wages.

13 ! The fetches of the false apostles.

13 m By false apostles here is not ment suche as teache false doctrine (which douties they wolde haue growen vnto) but suche as were vaine glorious, and did not their duetie syncerely.

16 ! The peruerse judgement of the Corinthians.

17 n In his heart he had respect to the Lord: but this facion of boasting semed acording to man, whereunto they compelled him.

21 q That is, abject, vile, miserable, a craftes man, an idiot, & subject to a thousand calamities, which things the false apostles objected against him as moste certeine testimonies of his vnworthines.

21 p I note this dishonour, which they do vnto you.

24 t At fiue seueral times euerie time thirtie, and nine.

30 x As imprisonements, beating, hongre, thirst, colde, nakednes and suche like: which things the aduersaries condemne as infirme in me.