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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 2

2 a Which was giuen to Satan but now doeth repent.

3 b Which made you & him sory in my further epistle.

5 c After this adulter did repent & amend, Paul did so vtterly cast of all sorowe, that he denieth that in maner he was anie whit sorie.

5 d And so shulde increase his sorowe which I wolde diminish.

7 e The adulterer, which interteined his mother in Law.

7 ! Requiring like wise that thei wolde be fauorable to the incestuous adulterer, seing he did repent.

8 f That at my intercession you wolde declare by the publike consent of the Church that you embrace him againe as a brother: seing he was excommunicate.

10 g that is, truly, and from mine heart, euen as in the presence of Christ.

14 i From this place vnto the 6. chap. 11. he entreateth onely of the ministers, saue he some time intermedeleth that which apperteineth to the whole Church, as {Chap. 3,17, and 18 verses}, and not onley to the ministers.

14 k In working mightely by vs he maketh vs partakers of his victorie and triumph.

14 ! He also rejoyceth in God for the efficacie of his doctrine.

16 l The preaching of the crosse bringeth death to them which onely consider Christs as a commune death, & be thereat offended, or els thinke it follie: & bringeth againe life to them who in his death beholde their life.

17 ! Confuting thereby suche quarel pikers, as vnder pretence of speaking against his persone, soght nothing, but the ouerthrowe of his doctrine.

17 m That is, which preache for gaine, & corrupt it to serue mens affectiones.

17 / Or, through Christ, or of Christ.