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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 1

1 a Meaning, that countrey whereof Corinthus was the chief citie.

4 ! He declareth the great profite that cometh to the faithful by their afflictions.

5 c Which I suffer for Christ, or which Christ suffereth in me, {Rom 7,5 & 8, 5, col. 1,24}

6 d For seing him indure so muche, they had occasion to be confirmed in the Gospel.

6 e As God onely worketh all things in vs: so doeth he also our saluation by his fre mercie, and by suche meanes as he hathe here left in this life for vs to be exercised in.

8 f Hereby he sheweth his owne infirmitie that it might appeare how wonderfully Gods graces wroght in him.

12 i He rendreth a reason why they oght to praye vnto God for his recouerie.

12 k Vsing that wisdome which God gaue me from heauen.

13 l Ye knowe partely my constancie bothe by my dwelling with you, and also my writing vnto you: and I trust ye shal knowe me to be the same to the very end.

14 m In that we haue taught you the Gospel so syncerely.

14 n Because we haue wonne you to Christ.

14 o Which shal abolish all worldelie glorie.

15 ! And because they shulde not impute to lightnes, that he differed his comming contrarie to his promes, he proueth his constancie, bothe by the synceritie of his preaching, and also by the immutable trueth of the Gospel.

17 p Which is rashely to promes and not to performe.

17 q Now to affirme one thing, and then to deny it, which is a signe of inconstancie.

18 r He taketh God to witnes that he preacheth the trueth.

19 s He preached nothing vnto but onely Jesus Christ who is the moste constant and infallible trueth of the Father.

20 t They are made, performed & we are partakers onely by him, who is our Amen, in that he hathe fulfilled them for vs.

21 ! Which trueth is grounded on Christ, and sealed into our hearts by the holie Gost.

24 u In that I say I came not because I wolde spare you, I meane not that I haue autoritie to alter true religion, or to binde your consciences: but that I am Gods minister to confirme and comfort you.