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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 16

1 ! He putteth them in remembrance of the gathering for the poore brethren at Jerusalem.

1 a Vpon the first day of the weke which the Scripture calleth the Lords day, others Sonday, they accustomed not onely in the Church but at home also accordingto euery mans zeale, to lay vp some piece of money towarde the relief of the poore brethren.

3 b Which ye shal send by them that cary the money.

10 d Willing that they shulde defende him against the aduersaires of Christ because it is the Churchs duetie to be careful for the preseruation of their ministers.

13 ! We must perseuere in faith, in the loue of Christ & our neighbour.

13 g Lest Satan steale vpon you at vnwares.

14 h For they had euery man respect to him self contrary to loue.

15 i That is, the first which embraced the Gospel.

15 ! After his commendations he wisheth to them all prosperitie.

17 l The grief that I toke for your absence, was greatly aswaged by their presence.

20 m In token of mutual loue, which thing was obserued in the primatiue Church when the Lords Supper was ministred.