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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 15

2 a If you beleue to be saued by the Gospel, ye must beleue also the resurrection of the dead, which is one of the principal points thereof, or els your belief is but vaine.

3 b He sheweth that nothing oght to be taught, which we haue not learned by Gods worde.

3 ! And first that Christ is risen:

5 c Althogh Judas wanted, yet they were so called, stil.

10 d For he was but the instrument, and minister and giueth the whole glorie to God.

14 e Christs death is not effectual except he rise frm death.

14 f For if Christ be swaloed vp of death, there remaineth no hope of life any more.

17 g As mortification, and remission of sinnes depend on Christs death: so our quickening and restoring to life stand in his resurrection.

17 h You are not forgiuen not sanctified.

20 i As by the offring of the first frute the whole frute is sanctified, so by Christ which is the first that is raised, all haue assurance of the resurrection.

22 k Who rose first from the dead to take possession in our flesh for vs his members.

22 ! Then that we shal rise,

22 l To with, the faithful.

24 m Christ as he is man & head of the Church is said to be subject to God: but in respect of the worlde, is King of heauen and earth. This kingdom standeth in gouerning the faithful: and ouercomming the aduersaries, euen death the chiefest, which done, Christ being perfited with all his membres, shal as he is man & head of the Church, with his felowe heires deliuer his kingdome, and be subject to God with whome and the holie Gost in Godhead he is equal.

28 n We shalbe prefectly fulfilled with his glorie and felicitie.

29 o that is, as dead, & because they were but newly come to Christ, wolde be baptized before they dyed.

29 p Except these things be true of Christs kingdome and his subjection, what shal become of the whome the Church daily baptizeth, for to destroye death in the which is the end of baptisme, and so they to rise againe?

31 q I take witnes all my sorrowes, wherein I may justly rejoyce in the Lord, that I haue susteined them among you.

32 r that is, hauing regarde to this present life, & not to Gods glorie, & to life euerlasting.

39 s There is one substance as touching the flesh both of man and beast, but the difference is as touching the qualitie.

41 t Euen as the sunne and the moone being of one substance differ in dignitie: so in the resurrection our bodies shal haue more excellent qualities then they haue now.

43 u For what is more vile to look vnot then the dead carkeis?

44 x Not changing the substance, but made partaker of the diuine nature.

45 y Christ bringeth vs from heauen the Spirit of life.

47 z This is attribute to Christ as concerning his diuinitie, not in respect of his humanite whose flesh hathe this glorie by the power of God who dwelleth in it.

49 a Bothe in substance & forme we are earthlie.

50 b This natural bodie as it is now, til it be made newe by the Spirit of Christ.

51 c When the Lord cometh to judgement, some of the Saintes shalbe aliue, whome he wil change euen as if they were dead, so that this change is in steade of death to them.

55 / O death, where is thy victorie! o graue, where is thy sting!

56 d Sinne first broght in death and giueth it power ouer vs, and the strength of sinne is the Law, because it doeth reueile the judgement of God against vs: or els the chief cause of our destruction is in our sleues.

58 e The hope of resurrection causeth the faithful to surmounte all difficulties.