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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 14

1 ! He exhorteth to loue, commendeth the gifts of tongues, & other spiritual gifts.

1 a That is, to expounde the worde of God to the edificacion of the Church.

2 c By the spiritual gift,which he hathe receiued.

6 e The prophecie expoundeth that which God hath reueiled: & the doctrine teacheth, that which he hath giuen vs to vnderstand.

9 f Your wordes shalbe loste: for ye shal nether glorifie God thereby, nor profit man.

10 g That is, they may be able to be vnderstand.

11 h He condemneth the Corinthians of barbarousnes in the thing, whereby thei thoght to haue atteined to the greatest praise of eloquence.

14 k Not in respect of him, that praieth, but in respect of the Church, which is nothing edified thereby.

16 m One onely made the praiers, & the rest of the people followed in heart his wordes, & when he had prayed, thei all said, Amen, signifying that they belieued assuredly that God worlde grante their requests.

21 o He threatneth them moste sharpely, that God wil punish the contempt of his worde, & their contrefait ignorance, forasmuche as to speake with vnknowen tongues is a signe of Gods curse towards the wicked.

22 p Of Gods curse when they are not vnder stand.

24 q By hearing his secret fautes ript vp, & his sinnes reproued by Gods worde, he is compelled by his owne conscience to praise God.

24 r Which expounde the worde of God.

27 s Paul beareth as yet with their weakenes, because also these were the giftes of God; but yet he sheweth that thei shuld not passe this measure that first one, after another & at the vtmost the third shulde read in a strange language which was to declare Gods miracles in the gift of tontues: but chiefly he commandeth that nothing be done without interpretacion.

32 t Or learning, which Gods Spirit moueth them to vtter.

32 u To the intent that others maye judge of him that hathe spoken, if he haue passed the compas of Gods worde: wherefore S. John commandeth to trye the spirites whether thei be of God.

34 ! He commandeth women to kepe silence in the Church

34 x Because this disordre was in the Church, that women vsurped that which was peculiar to men, the Apostle here sheweth what is mete to be done, & what is not: & albeti he mencioned this abuse afore, yet he referred it to this place to be reproued, because there he broght it in for another purpose.

36 y Are ye the first or the last Christians, that ye nether submit your selues to the Churches, or whome you haue receiued the Gospel? nor haue respect to the others to whome the Gospel doeth likewise apperteine?

37 z To haue vnderstanding of spiritual things.

38 a If anie man haue judgement, let him acknowledge that I speake of the Spirit of God, and so let him obey: and if he haue no judgement, let him acknowledge his ignorance, and trouble not the Church, but credit them that are learned.

40 ! And sheweth what good ordre oght to be obserued in the Church.