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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 6

1 ! He rebuketh them for going to law together before the Heathen.

1 / Or, judges & magistrates which are infideles.

1 a He calleth them vnjuste, whosoeuer are not sanctified in Christ.

3 b Who are now apostates & deuils, {Mat. 25, 41}

4 d If ye so burne with desire to pleade, kepe a court among your selues, and make the least estemed your judges: for it is moste easie to judge betwene brethren.

4 c That is, make them judges.

7 ! Christians oght rather to suffer.

8 e He doeth not reproue the godlie, which with good conscience vseth the magistrate to defende his right, but condemneth hatred, grudges & desire of reuengeance.

12 ! He reproueth the abusing of Christian libertie

12 g For we are subject to those things which we can not want.

12 f Here he speaketh of things indifferent of their nature, & first as touching carnal libertie.

13 h They abused meates, bothe in that they offended others thereby, & also prouoked their owne lusts to vnclennes.

13 i God wil be Lord bothe of the soul and bodie.

15 k Whereby he signifieth, that bothe we shal se the glorie of the resurrections of the juste, and also that dignitie, and priuiledge where by we be made the members of Christ.

15 ! And sheweth that we oght to serue God purely bothe in bodie and in soule.

18 l That is, he more polluteth his owne bodlie, then he that committeth anie other sinne.