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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 5

1 ! He reproueth sharpely their negligence in punishing him that had committed inceste.

1 a Who wolde thinke that you wolde suffer that mischief vnpunished, which the moste barbarous nations abhorre to speake of.

3 b Hauing now receiued the Gospel.

4 d With inuocation of Gods Name, as becometh them which procure the Lords busines and not their owne.

5 e Which is, to be as an heathen man and publicane.

5 f For being wounded with shame & sorrowe, his flesh or olde man shal dye: and the spirit or new man shal remaine aliue & enjoye the victorie in the day when the Lord shal judge the quicke and dead {2 Cor. 4,18, 1 Pet. 4,6}

6 g Seing you suffer suche monstrous vices among you.

7 h As euerie man particularly is pure, so the whole Church in general may be pure.

7 ! To embrace puritie.

10 i But he meant of those that were conuersant in the Church, whome they oght by discipline to haue corrected: for as touching strangers they oght by all meanes godly to winne them to Christ.

11 k Who to please bothe partes wolde be present at idole seruice, & yet professe the Gospel.

12 l Vnot whome the Ecclesiastical discipline doeth not stretch.

12 m Which are subject to Gods worde, & to the discipline of the Church.