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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 1

1 ! He praiseth the great graces of God shewed towarde them.

2 b Made holie by the fre mercie & calling of God.

2 c Which is to acknowledge him to be verie God, to worship him, and seke vnto him for helpe.

2 a Whome God hathe separate from the rest of the worlde, purified, and giuen to his Sonne, that he might be in them, and they in him.

4 d For all the benefites which ye haue receiued by the Gospel.

5 e As membres of the same bodie which communicate with their head.

5 f He commendeth those giftes in them, whose abuse after he doeth reproue, as eloquence, philosophie, and their knowledge of Gods worde.

8 g For there is no condemnation to them that are grafted in Christ Jesus.

10 ! Exhorting them to concorde, and humilitie.

10 h Disagreing in wordes ingendreth dissention of minde, whereof procedeth repugnancie of judgement, which is the mother of schisme and heresie.

11 i Which was a vertuous woman & zealous of Gods glorie and soght the quietnes of the Church.

14 l This Gaius was Pauls hoste, in whose house also the Church was at Corinthus, {Rom. 16, 23}:there was yet another so called, which was of Derbe & followed Paul, {Act 20,4}

17 o When men shulde attribute that vnto eloquence, which onely belonged to the power of God.

17 m That is, chiefly & peculiarly.

19 ! He beateth downe all pride, and wisdome which is not grounded on God.

20 q He that is so subtil in discussing questions? & herein Paul reprocheth euen the best learned, as thogh not one of them colde perceiue by his owne wisdome this mysterie of Christ reueiled in the Gospel.

20 p That is, the interpreter of the Law.

25 r He speaketh in the persone of the wicked, who contrarie to their conscience rather attribute these things to God then acknowledge their owne follie & weakenes.

26 ! Shewing whome God hathe chosen to confounde in the wisdome of the worlde.

26 s According as the worlde termeth wise men.

28 t Which are in mans judgement almost nothing, but taken for abjects & castwaies.

28 u Estemed & in reputacion.

29 x Thus he calleth man in contempt & to beate downe his arrogancie.