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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 7

1 a Meaning, the moral Lawe.

2 b Bothe in this first mariage & in the seconde, the housband & the wife must be considered within our selues: the first housband was Sinne, and our flesh was the wife: their children were the frutes of the flesh, {Gal 5:19}. In the seconde mariage the Spirit is the housband, the new creature is the wife, & their children are the frutes of the Spirit, {Gal. 5,22}

5 / Or, affections.

6 e Meaning to sinne, our first housband.

7 f There is nothing more enemie to sinne then the Law: if so be therefore that sinne rage more by reason thereof then before, why shulde it be imputed to the Lawe which discloseth the sleightes of sinne her enemie.

7 g Which is an inwarde vice not openly knowen.

9 h He thoght him self to be aliue, when he knewe not the Lawe.

13 i Sinne being disclosed by the Lawe: is so muche more detestable, because it turneth the goodnes of the Lawe to our destruction.

14 k So that it can judge the affections of the heart.

15 l He is not able to do that which he desireth to do, & therefore is farre from the true perfection.

17 m He doeth not excuse him self, but sheweth that he is not able to accomplish the good desire which is in him.

19 n The flesh stayeth euen the moste perfect to runne forwarde as the spirit wisheth.

23 ! The dangerous fight betwene the flesh & the Spirit.

23 / Or, commandement.

23 p Euen the corruption which yet remaineth.

25 r In that parte which is regenerate.