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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 4

1 ! He declareth that justification is a fre gift euen by them them selues, of whome the Jewes moste boasted as of Abraham and Dauid.

1 a That is, by workes.

2 b He might pretende some mercie or worke worthie to be recompensed.

5 e Which maketh him that is wicked in him self, juste in Christ.

5 d That dependeth not on his workes, nether thinketh to merit by them.

9 f Vnder this excellent sacrament he comprehendeth the whole Law.

12 g This may not be vnderstande of the frutes of faith: (for thereof the Apostle doeth hereafter expresly intreat) but of the faith it self.

14 k If it be requisit to fulfil the Law for him that shalbe of Abrahams inheritance, then it is in vaine to beleue the promes: for it seruth to no vse.

15 m That is no breache of comandement.

15 ! And also by the office of the Law & faith.

17 p Abraham be gate the circumcised euen by the vertue of faith and not by the power of nature, which was extinguished: so the Gentils which were nothing, are called by the power of God to be of the nomber of the faithful.

17 o By a spiritual kinred which God chiefly accepteth.

19 q But moste strong & constant.

24 t For our instruction: for we shalbe justified by the same meanes.

25 u To accomplish & make perfect our justification.