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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 22

3 a Whereby he declareth his modestie, diligence & docilitie.

3 ! Paul rendreth an account of his life and doctrine.

5 b To the Jewes to whome the letters, were directed.

14 c This may be referred to the eternal counsel of God, or els to the execution & declaration of the same which semeth here to be more propre.

14 d Which is Christ, {1Joh. 3,1}

16 e He sheweth that sinnes cann not be washed away, but by Christ who is the substance of Baptisme: in whome also is comprehended the Father & the holie Gost.

25 f Not because he was borne at Rome, but by reason of his citie: for Tarsus was inhabited by the Romains, and was their Colonia, whereof read {cha. 16,12}

25 ! He escapeth the whippe by reason he was a citizen of Rome.

28 g This priuiledge was oft times giuen in recompense of seruice to them that were farre of Rome, & to their children, thogh they were not borne in citie.