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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 21

4 b The holie Spirit reueiled vnto them the persecucions that Paul shulde haue made against him, and the same Spirite also strengthened Paul to susteine them.

8 c This office of Deaconship was but for a time, according as the congregacion had nede, or otherwise.

11 e This was not to make Paul afraied, but to encourage him against the brunt.

11 d God wolde haue his seruants bandes knowen, to the intent that no man shulde thinke that he cast him self into wilful danger.

18 f Who was the chief, or superintendent of the Church of Jerusalem.

21 g That is, according to the maners that our fathers obserued, which were commanded by God.

23 ! Pauls constancie to beare the crosse, as Agabus & others forespake, although he was otherwise counseled by the brethren.

23 h Who as yet were not wel instructed in Christ.

24 i The end of this ceremonie was thankesgiuing, & was instituted by God, and partely of ignorance and infirmitie reteined: therefore S. Paul supported therein the weakenes of outhers & made him self all to all men not hindering his conscience.

27 k In thinking to appease the faithful, and to support the infirme, he falleth into the hands of his enemies.

28 l By bringing in suche as were not circumcised.

28 ! The great danger that he was in, and how he escaped.

32 n A notable example of Gods prouidence for the defence of his.

32 m Which were vnder captains and had charge ouer an hundreth souldiers.

38 o Josephus li. Antiq 20 cha. II. & de bello Juda. Ii,2. cha. 12.