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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 3

3 ! Christ instructeth Nicodemus in the regeneration.

3 b Which thing is to be assembled and incorporate into the Church of God.

3 a To entre therein.

5 c Which is the spiritual water where the holie Gost doeth washe vs into newnes of life.

8 d As the power of God is manifest by the mouing of the aire, so is it in changing and renuing vs, althogh the maner be hid from vs.

10 e Althogh he was excellently learned, yet knewe he not those things which the very babes in Christs schole oght to knowe.

11 g He reproueth him, for that men do teach things which they vnderstande not, and yet others beleue them: but Christ teacheth things moste certeine & knowen, & men wil not receiue his doctrine.

13 i By reason of the vnion of his God head with his manhoode.

14 k His power must be manifest, which is not yet knowen.

17 l The contempt of Christ, and the sinnes of the wicked condemne them: yet Christ as a juste judge giueth sentence against the reprobate.

17 m Not onely the Jewes, but whosoeuer shulde beleue in him.

21 / Or, in God.

21 p Or territorie.

25 q That is, how they might be made cleane, before God, with the washings vnder the law did represent.

26 r They were led with ambition fearing lest their master shulde haue lost his fame.

28 s No man oght to vsurpe anie thing further then God giueth him.

30 t And be exalted, and I estemed as his seruant.

31 u The minister compared to Christ is but earth.

34 x For vnto Christ was giuen the ful abundance of all grace, that we might receiue of him as of the onelie fountaine.