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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 21

4 a God estemeth not the gift or lames by the guantitie or value, but by the heart & affection.

6 ! He forewarneth of the destruction of Jerusalem.

8 b Christ then maketh answer of that, which was more necessarie for them and not to the quesiton they demanded.

13 c This their suffrance shal bothe be a greater confirmation to the Gospel, and also by their constancie the tyrannie of their enemis shal at length be manifest before God & man.

15 d For thogh they were so impudent to resist, yet trueth euer gaineth the victorie.

19 e That is, liue joyfully and blessedly, euen vnder the crosse.

23 f Gods wrath against this people shal appeare by the calamities and plagues, wherewith he wil punish them.

24 g He meaneth their iniquities to receiue likewise their punishment after warde.

28 h The effect of that redemption which Jesus purchased shal then fully appeare.

32 i For all these things came within 50 yeres after.

35 k To catch & intangle them, wheresoeuer they be in the worlde.