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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 20

4 a By baptisme he comprehendeth all Johns ministerie, who bare witnes to Christ.

4 ! Christ stoppeth his aduersaries mouthes by another question.

8 b By this meanes he made them ashamed and astonished.

9 d God committed his people to the Gouernors & Priests.

9 c The Jewes were as Gods plantes & his owne grafting.

17 f For by it the building is joyned together & made strong.

18 g They that stomble & fall on Christ, thinking to oppress him, shalbe ouerthrowen them selues & destroyed.

20 h They wayted for a conuenient time and place.

22 i They thoght it vnlawful to pay a prince being an infidel, that which thei were wont to pay to God in his Temple.

25 k The duetie which we owe to princes, letteth nothing that which is due vnto God.

34 l In this place he calleth all them children of this worlde which remaine in the same: or els matrimonie shulde not seme to apparteine to the children of God, as that wicked monstre pope ??? taught against the manifest Scriptures.

36 n For althogh the wicked rise againe, yet that life, is but death and an eternal destruction.

36 m Since mariage is ordeined to mainteine & increase mankinde, when we shal be immortal, it shal not be in anie, vse.

38 o Of them which are not, but of them which are.

38 p The immortalitie of the soule can not be separate from the resurrection of the bodie, whereof here Christ properly speaketh.

44 q For the sone is not Lord of his father, and therefore it followeth that Christ is God.