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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 19

9 b To be the sonne of Abraham, is to be chosen frely, {Rom. 9, 8} to walke in the steppes of the faith of Abraham, {Rom. 4,12}: to do the workes of Abraham, {John 8,39}. by the which things we are moste assured of life euerlasting, {Ro. 8,29}.

9 a Zaccheus adoption was a signe that the whole familie was receiued to mercie. Notwithstanding this promes, God reserueth to him self fre libertie ether to chuse or forsake as in Abrahams house.

12 c This was to declare to them that he must yet take great paines before his kingdome shulde be established.

13 e God wil not that his graces remaine idle with vs.

13 d This piece of money is called Mina, and the whole some mounteth about the value of 17 pounde, esteming euerie piece, about fiue nobles & seuen pence.

15 f Whereby we learne that the seconde comming of our Sauiour Christ shalbe more glorious, and excellent, then it doeth now appeare.

22 g they that suppresse the giftes of god & hue in idlenes, are without all excuse.

26 h He that faithfully bestoweth the graces of God, shal haue them increased: but they shalbe taken away from him that is vnprofitable, and vseth them not to Gods glorie.

28 ! Christ redeth to Jerusalem, & wepeth for it.

28 i Hereby we perceiue the excellent constancie of Christ, who notwithstanding he did now fight against the terrour of death and Gods judgement: yet went before his feareful disciples and led the way to death.

31 k Christ preuenteth suche difficulties as might haue troubled his disciples.

38 l They wishe that God may be appeased, & reconciled with men: and so by this meanes be glorified.

42 m Christ partely pittieth the Citie which was so nere her destruction, & partely vpbraideth their malice which wolde not embrace Christ their Sauiour, and therefore pronounceth greater punishment to Jerusalem then to other cities, which had not receiued like graces.

42 n Meaning Christ, without whome there is not saluation & with whome is all felicitie.

42 o Through thine owne malice thou art blinded.

44 p And receiuedst not the redemer, which was sent thee.

47 ! And his enemies seke to destroy him.