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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 15

1 a For the Romains gaue them no autoritie to put anie man to death.

5 b He wolde not defend his cause, but presented him self willingly to be condemned.

8 c The people alwaies mainteine their customes, althogh thei be worthe nothing.

15 d When a judge hathe respect to men, he quite forgetteth justice.

15 ! He is condemned, reuilded and put to death.

21 e It was the custome to make him that was condemned, to carie his crosse but Jesus was not able for weakenes.

23 f Which was to hasten his death: but he wolde not drinke it because he wolde waite for the houre that his Father had appointed, that he might render vnto him perfect obedience.

23 g The Jewes deuided their day into 4 partes, so that by the third houre is here ment the thirde parte of the day, which was from six a clocke to nine, at what time Mat. saith he was crucified.

32 h Meaning the one of them that were crucified.

33 i Because this darkenes was onely ouer the land of Chanaan, when the rest of the worlde was light, the miracle is the greater.

34 k Which was the third parte of the day, & about thre of the clocke after none.

43 o This man shewed his faith boldely when the danger semed to be moste perilous.

43 n A graue mann and of great autoritie.