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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 8

2 a Christ prouideth for his when they seme to be destitute and forsaken.

2 ! The miracle of the seuen loaues.

4 b If bread were so hard come by, it semed vnpossible to obteine other meat.

4 / Or, whence.

10 c Which was nere to Bethsaida, betwene the lake of Genesaret & mount Thabor.

12 e Christ goeth about by sharpenes of speache to saue them from wilful destruction.

12 d Oh the incomprehensible loue of our Christ! how long shal we abuse his great mercies!

12 / Or, if a signe be giuen.

12 f As if he wolde say, if I shewe them anie signe, let me be a lyar & deceiuer.

15 g He willeth them to beware contagious doctrine & suche subtile practises as the aduersaries vsed to suppres his Gospel.

21 h Christ reproueth them because their mindes are as yet vpon the material leauen notwithstanding they had prouen by diuers miracles that he gaue them their daielie bread.

29 i He that is the anointed of God & fulfilled with all grace for mans saluacion.

30 k Differring it to a more commodious time lest sudden haste shulde rather hinder then further the mysterie of his comming.

33 l This worde signifieth, Aduersarie, or Enemie: & he calleth him so, because he did as muche as in him laye, to pul him from obeying God.

35 m For mortalitie & corruption, he shal receiue immortalitie & perfection.