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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 7

2 / Or, filthie.

2 a The Pharises wolde not eat with vnwashen hands because they thoght that the commune handling of things defiled them, so that they made holines and religion to depend in hands washings.

4 c Litle pottes, some what more in quantitie then a wine pinte.

7 e Whosoeuer teacheth anie doctrine but Gods worde, is a false worshipper, and a seducer of the people, seme his doctrine neuer so probable to the judgement of man.

8 ! The commandement of God is transgressed by mans traditions.

15 g There is not outwarde or corporal thing, which entreth into man, that can defile him: meaning chiefly of meats, which if thei be taken excessiuely, it cometh of the inordinate luste of the heart, and so the lust is euil.

22 / Or, wantonnes.

22 / Or, enuie.

27 h Meaning the Jewes, to whome the promises were first made.

27 i The Jewes toke strangers not better then the dogs, & therefore Christ speaketh according to their opinion.

28 k She asketh but the poore crommes, & not the childrens bread, wherein she declareth her faith and humilitie.

34 i Declaring by this signe the compassion that he hathe vpon mans miseries.

37 m As if they wolde say, besides all the miracles that he hathe done, euen this now declareth that whatsoeuer he doeth, is verie wel.