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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 3

4 a They helde their tongues of malice: for they wolde nether confesse nor denie.

5 b Christ is in suche sorte angrie with man that he pitieth him & seketh to winne him.

6 c Althogh they hated one another deadly, yet this hindered them, not to joine their malice to resiste Christ, read {Mat. 22, 16}

18 / Or, Lebbeus, or Judas.

19 d The disciples were now conuersant with Christ bothe at home and abroad.

21 e His kinsfolkes wolde haue shut him within dores, lest any harme shulde haue come vnto them, if any tumulte had bene made: for some wolde haue made him a King, & the Pharises with others soght his life: so that hereby they might haue procured the hatred of Herode, and of the Pharises and of the Romains.

21 ! Christ is thoght of the worldelings to be besides him self.

22 ! He casteth out the vncleane spirit, which the Pharises ascribe vnto the deuil.

29 f Which is, when a man fighteth against his wone conscience, & striueth against the trueth which is reueiled vnto him: for such one is in a reprobate sense and can not come to repentance.