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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 2

5 b By these wordes Christ shewed that he was sent of his Father with autoritie to take away our sinnes.

5 ! He forgiueth sinnes.

9 c Christ speaketh according to their capacitie, who were so blinde that they wolde belieue nothing, but that which they saw iwth their eyes, and there fore sheweth his autoritie ouer the soule by the power which he hathe ouer the bodie.

12 d Their owne consciences cause them to confesse the trueth.

17 e He speaketh of suche as persuade them selues to be juste although they be nothing lesse.

18 ! He excuseth his disciples, as touching fasting, and keping the Sabbath daye.

19 f Christ sheweth that he wil spare his & not burden them before it be necessarie.

21 g The worde properly signifieth newe clothe which as yet hathe not passed the handes of the fuller.

26 h He was also called Achimelech, as his father was, so that bothe the father and the sonne were called by bothe these name, {1 Chron. 24, 2, 2 Sam 8,17 & 15, 29 1 King. 2, 26}

27 i Seing the Sabbath was made for mans vse, it was not mete it shulde be vsed to his hinderance & incommoditie.