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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 1

1 a He sheweth that John Baptist was the first preacher of the Gospel.

1 ! The office, doctrine & life of John the Baptiste.

3 c Take awaye all lettes, which might hinder Christ to come to you.

4 d He did bothe baptize & preache, but preached first, & after baptized, as appeareth by {Mat. 3, 1}: so that the ordre is here inuerted, which thing is commune in the Scriptures.

8 e He declareth that he is but the minister of the outwarde signe, and that it is Jesus Christ that giueth the force & vertue,

10 f This was done for the confirmacion of John, and them that stode bye.

10 / Or, Jesus.

11 g The Father beareth witnes that Christ is the verie Sonne of God,

13 h Christ wolde be tempted to persuad vs, that he wil helpe them that be tempted, {Ebr. 2,18}

13 ! And tempted.

14 i By the which Gospel he wil rule & reigne ouer all.

17 ! Calleth the fishers.

22 l Whose doctrine was dead, & nothing fauoured of the spirit.

23 ! Christ healeth the man with the vncleane spirit.

25 m Christ wolde not suffer the father of lyes to beare witnes to the trueth.

27 n Thei referre the miracle to the kinde of doctrine, & so marueil at it, as a newe and strange thing, and do not consider the power of Christ, who is the autor of the one and the other.

27 ! New doctrine.

34 o Christ wolde not haue suche witnesses to preache him & his Gospel, so Paule was offended that the Pythonesse shulde testifie of him, {Act. 16, 18}

34 ! The deuils knowe him.

41 ! He clenseth the leper, and healeth the diuers others.

43 p Forbidding him to tell anie man, because as yet his time was not come to be knowen.

44 q It belonged to the Priest to knowe if a man were healed of the leprosie.

44 r To take all maner of excuse from them, & to condemne them of ingratitude.

45 f The preasse was so great, that he shulde haue bene thronged.