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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 28

1 a Here the Euangel lifte reckeneth the natureal day from the sunne rising to his rising againe, & not as the Jewes did, which began to count at the first houre after the sinne set.

2 b There were two: but it is a manue of speache to vse the singualr nomber for the plural, and contrarie.

8 d Their joye was mixt with feare, bothe because of the Angels presence, & also for that thei were not assured.

15 e An extreme vengeance of God, whereby the Jewes were the more hardened, so that thei cannot fele the profite of his death & resurrection.

17 ! Christ appeareth to his disciples, and sendeth them forthe to preache and to baptize.

20 f Men maie not teache their owne doctrine, but whatsoeuer Christ hathe taught them: for he referueth this autoritie to him self, to be the onelie teacher and autor of the doctrine.

20 g By power, grace and vertue of the holie Gost.