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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 27

0 f For the Jewes thoght it a great offence to by buryed in the same place that the strangers were.

2 a For they had no autorieit to condemne him or to put any to death.

4 d These hypocrites laye the whole faute vpon Judas.

4 c Althogh he abhorre his sinnes yet is he not displeased there with, but dispaireth in Gods mercies, and seketh his owne destruction.

6 e The hypocrites are full of conscience in a matter of nothing, but to shede innocent blod they make nothing of it.

6 / Or, corbana.

15 g It was tradition of the Jewes to deliuer a prisoner at Easter.

15 / Or, quite.

19 h This was to the greater condemnation of Pilate, whome neither his owne knowledge colde teache nor counsel of others, to defende Christs innocencie.

21 i The multitude preferre the wicked to the righteous.

24 ! Christ is pronounced innocent by the judge, and yet is condemned, and crucified among thieues.

24 k Pilate beareth witnes that he is innocent, before he condemne him.

25 l If his death be not lawful, let the punishment fall on our heades & our childrens and as they wished, so this cursse taketh place to this day.

28 m To deride him, because he called him self King.

34 n It was a kinde of drinke to open the vaines, and so to hasten his death, which was giuen him vpon the crosse.

37 o The maner then was to set vp a writing to signifie wherefore a man was executed: but here God gouerned Pilates hand to write other wise then he thoght.

43 p This was a great tentation to go about to take from him his truste in God, and so to bring him to despaire.

44 q Meaning by this synechdoche the one of the theeues.

45 s Of Jewrie and the countrey there about.

46 t Notwithstanding that he feeleth him self as it were wounded with Gods wrath and forsaken for our sinnes, yet he ceaseth not to put his conficence in God and call vpon him: which is writen to teache vs in all afflictions to trust stil in God, be the assautes neuer so grieuous to the flesh.

47 u They mocked at Christs prayer, as if it had bene in vaine.

50 x Voluntarely after he had obeyed his Father in all things.

51 y Which signified an end of all the ceremonies of the Lawe.

54 z This judgement of an heathen man was sufficient to condemne the grosse malice of the Jewes.

57 a Who was so muche the more in danger by declaring him self to be Jesus disciple.

57 ! Joseph buryeth Christ.

60 b Christs burying doeth so much more verifie his death & resurrection.

64 d More wil folow his doctrine then did afore he was put to death.

64 ! Watchmen kepe the graue.

65 e That is, men appointed for the keping of the Temple.

66 f The more that men go aboute to subdue Christs powers the more shewe they their owne malice, and procure to them selues the greater condemnation, for as muche as Gods glorie the more appeareth thereby.