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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 26

7 a He sheweth what occasion Judas toke to commit his traison.

8 b This was through Judas motion to whome they gaue credit.

11 c This fact was extraordinarie, nether was it left as an example to be followed: also Christ is not present with vs bodelie or to be honoured with anie outwarde pompe.

15 e Euery one in value was about foure pence halfe penie of olde sterling.

18 f He maketh haste to a more worthie sacrifice, to wit, to that which the Passeouer signified.

23 g He that is accustomed to eat with me daily at the table, {Psal. 41, 9}

24 h To the intent his disciples might knowe that all this was appointed by the prouidence of God.

26 i That is, a true signe, and testimonie that my bodie is made yours, and by me your soules are nourished.

28 k The wine signifieth that our soules are refreshed and satisfied with the blood of Christ, spiritually receiued, so that without him we haue no nourishement.

29 l You shal no more enjoye my bodelie presence til we mete together in heauen.

31 m Shal turne backe and be discouraged.

33 n This declareth what danger it is to trust to muche to our wone strength.

37 o He feared not death of it self, but trembled for feare of Gods anger towarde sinne, the burden whereof he bare for our sakes.

38 p For he sawe Gods angre kindled towardes vs.

39 r He knewe wel what his Father had determined, and therefore was ready to obey but he prayeth as the faithful do in their troubles without respect of the eternal counsel of God.

39 q That is, the angre of God for mans sinnes.

41 s And therefore we must continually fight against the flesh.

45 t He speaketh this in a contrarie sense, meaning they shulde anone be wel wakened.

46 u Christ dyed willingl, and therefore presented him self to his enemies.

50 x He rebuketh his vnkindenes vnder the cloke of pretensed friendshippe.

52 y The exerciseing of the sworde is forbide to priuate persones. Also he wolde haue hindered by his vndiscrete zeale the worke of God.

52 / Or, sheathe.

53 z Euery legion conteined communely 6000 footemen, and 732 horsemen whereby here he meaneth an infinit nomber.

59 a He declareth how Jesus was wrongfully accused, to the end that we may knowe his innocencie, and not that he suffered for him self, but for vs.

63 c Christ did neglect their false reportes and more ouer he was not there to defend his cause, but to suffer condemnation.

63 d Or adiure thee by thine allegeance towards God.

64 ! Because Christ calleth him self the Sonne of God, he is judged worthie to dye.

64 e Christ confesseth that he is the Sonne of God.

65 f This was one of their owne traditions, if they had heard any Israelite blaspheme.

65 g The ennemies of God call a true confession blasphemie.

67 h The officers smite Christ with their roddes or litle staues.

68 i They mocked him after this sorte that he might not seme to be a Prophet, and so wolde turne the peoples mindes from him.

72 k An example of our infirmitie that we may learne to depende vpon God and not put our trust in our selues.

75 l He was liuely touched with repentance by the motion of Gods Spirit, who neuer suffereth his to perish vtterly, thogh for a time they fall, to the intent they may fele their owne weaknes & acknolege his great mercie.