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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 25

1 a This similitude teacheth vs, that it is not sufficient to haue once giuen our selues to follow Christ, but that we must continue.

1 ! By the similitude of the virgines Jesus teacheth euerie man to watche.

1 b To do him honor, as the maner was.

8 c Manie seke that which they haue contemned, but it is to late.

9 d This was spoken in reproche, because they made not prouision in time.

12 e I wil not open to you because you haue failed in the midde way.

14 f This similitude teacheth how we oght to continue in the knowledge of God, and do good with those graces that God hathe giuen vs.

15 g Euerie talent communely made threscore pounde, read {chap. 18, 24}

21 h The master receiueth him into his house to giue him parte of his godds and commodities.

29 i The graces of God shalbe taken away from him that doeth not bestoew them to Gods glorie and his neighbours profite.

34 k For our saluation cometh of the blessing and fauour of God.

34 l Hereby God declareth the certeinetie of our predestination, whereby we are saued because we were chosen in Christ before the fundacions of the worlde, {Ephe. 1, 4}

35 m Christ meaneth not that our saluation dependethon our workes or merites, but teacheth what it is to liue justly according to godlines, & charitie, and that God recompenseth his of his fre mercie, likewise as he doeth elect them.

46 n We muste therefore onely do that, which God requireth of vs, and not followe mens foolish fantasies.