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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 24

1 a Whose excellencie appeareth in that that Herode for the space of 8 yeres kept 10000 men in worke, the stones were 15 cubites long, in height 12, in breadth 8, as Josephus writeth.

1 ! Christ sheweth his disciples the destruction of the Temple.

3 b Thei thoght the worlde shulde be at an end, when Jerusalem were destroyed.

4 c He answereth them not according to their mindes, but admonisheth them of that which is necessarie for them to knowe.

8 d Great and cruel warres haue ensued since amongs the heathen for the contempt of the Gospel and increase more & more.

12 f Manie wil kepe backe their charitie, because they are vnthankeful and euil, vpon whome they shulde bestowe it.

15 g When the Temple shal be polluted, it shal be a signe of extreme desolation: the sacrifices shal end & neuer be restored.

15 h The horrible destruction of the Temple & the corruption of Gods pure religion.

22 i God prouideth for his children in the middes of troubles.

26 k Whither the false Christs, and deceiuers lead the people, hiding them selues in holes as if they were ashamed of their profession.

26 / Or, clossettes.

28 l In despite of Satan the faithful shal be gathered & joyned with Christ, as the egles assemble to a dead carkeis.

29 m When God hathe made an end of the troubles of his Church.

29 n He meaneth an horrible trembling of worlde, & as it were, an alteration of the ordre of nature.

34 o For within fiftie yeres after, Jerusalem was destroied: the godlie were persecuted, false teachers seduced the people, religion was polluted, so that the worlde semed to be at an end.

40 q This teacheth euerie man to walke warely not respecting his companion althogh he be neuer so dere vnto him.