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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 14

2 a He spake affter the commune errour: for they thoght that the soules of them that were departed, entred into another bodie.

2 ! Herodes opinion concerning Christ.

2 b To approue his resurrection, and to get him greater autoritie.

4 c Aswel because nature abhorreth suche horrible inceste, as also that he had taken her by force from his brother.

7 d The promes was wicked: but yet it was more vile to be obstinate in the same, that he might seme constant.

13 e To the intent that his disciples now after their ambassage might some what rest them, or els that he might instruct them to greater enterprises.

16 f Christ leaueth them not destitute of bodelie nourishment, which seke the fode of the soule.

19 ! Christ fedeth fiue thousand men with fiue loaues and two fishes.

22 g The disciples were lothe to departe from Christ: but yet they shewed their obedience.

25 ! He appeareth by night vnto his disciples vpn the sea.

25 h The night was deuided into foure watches, whereof euerie one conteined thre houres.

28 k His zeale was great, but he had not sufficiently considered the measure of his faith.

30 l His enterprise was to great, & therefore he must nedes fall in danger, when his faith failed.

31 m Christ correcteth his faute, and also giueth remedie bothe, at once.

31 ! And saueth Peter.

36 n It semeth they were led with a certeine superstition, not with standing our Sauiour wolde not quence the smoking flaxe, and therefore did beare with these smale beginnings.

36 ! He healeth all that touched the hemme of his garment.