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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zechariah 14

1 ! Of the doctrine that shal precede out of the Church, & of the restauration thereof.

1 a He armeth the godlie against great tentacions, that shulde come, before they enjoyed this prosperous estate promised vnder Christ, that when these dangers shulde come, they might knowe that they were warned of them afore.

3 b As your fathers, and you haue had experience bothe at the red Sea and at all other times.

4 c By this maner of speache the Prophet sheweth Gods power, and care ouer his Church, and how he wil as it were by miracle saue it.

4 d So that out of all the partes of the worlde they shal se Jerusalem which was before hid with this mountaine: and this he meaneth of the spiritual Jerusalem the Church.

5 e He speaketh of the hypocrites, which colde not abide Gods presence, but shuld flee into all places where they might hide them among the mountaines.

5 f Read {Amos, 1,1}.

5 g Because thei did not credit the Prophetes wordes, he turneth to God, and comforteth him self in that that he knewe that these things shulde come, & faith, Thou, O God, with thine Angels wilt come to performe this great thing.

7 h Signifying, that there shulde be great troubles in the Church, and that the time hereof is in the Lords hands, yet at length (which is here ment by the euening) God wolde send comfort.

8 i That is, the spiritual graces of God, which shulde euer continue in moste abundance.

9 k All idolatrie and superstition shalbe abolshed, and there shalbe one God, one faith, and one religion.

10 l This newe Jerusalem shalbe sene through all the worlde & shal excell the first in excellencie, welth, and greatnes.

13 m God wil not onely raise vp warre without but sedition at home to trye them.

13 n To hurt, and oppresse him.

14 o The enemies are riche, and therefore shal not come for a pray, but to destroy & sheade blood.

18 q By the Egyptians, which were greatest enemies to true religion, he meaneth all the Gentiles.

20 r Signifying, that to what service they were put now (whether to labour, or to serve in warre) thei were now holie, because the Lord had sanctified them.

20 s As precious the one as the other, because they shalbe sanctified.

21 t But all shalbe pure, and cleane & there shal nether be hypocrite, or anie that shall corrupt the true service of God.