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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zechariah 13

1 a He sheweth what shal be the frute of their repentance, to wit, remission of sinnes by the blood of Christ, which shalbe a continual running fountain, and purge them from all vnclennes.

2 c Meaning, that false prophets and teachers, who are the corrupter of all religion, whome the Prophet here called vncleane spirits.

2 b He promiseth that God wil also purge them from all superstition & that their religion shalbe pure.

3 e He sheweth what zeale the godlie shal haue vnder the kingdome of Christ, {Deu. 13,6}.

3 ! The zeale of the godlie against false prophetes.

3 d That is, when they shal prophecie lies & make God, who is the autor of trueth, a cloke thereunto.

4 f God shal make them ashamed of their errors, and lies and bring them to repentance, and they shal no more weare Prophetes apparel to make their doctrine seme more holy.

5 g They shal confesse their former ignorance, & be content to labour for their liuing.

6 h Hereby he sheweth that thogh their parents and friends delt more gently with them, and put them not to death, yet they wolde so punish their children that became false prophets that the markes & signes shulde remaine for euer.

7 i The Prophet warneth the Jewes, that before this great comfort shulde come vnder Christ, there shulde be an horrible dissipacion among the people: for their gouernours and pastors shulde be destroyed, and the people shulde be as scattered shepe: and the euangeliste applieth this to Christ, because he was the head of all Pastours, {Matt. 26,31}.

8 k The greatest parte shal haue no porcion of these blessings, and yet they that shal enjoye them, shalbe tryed with great afflictions, so that it shalbe knowen, that onely Gods power and his mercies do preserve them.