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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zechariah 5

1 ! The vision of the flying booke, signifying the curse of thves, and suche as abuse the Name of God.

2 a Because the Jewes had prouoked Gods plagues by contemning his worde, and casting of all judgement & equitie, he sheweth that Gods curse writen in this booke had justely light bothe on them, & their fathers: but now if the wolde repent, God wolde send the same among the Caldeans their former enemies.

3 b That is, vseth any injurie towarde his neighbour.

3 c Meaning, wheresoeuer he be in the worlde.

3 d He that transfresseth the first table, and serveth not God aright, but abuseth Gods Name.

6 ! By the vision of the measure is signified the bringing of Judahs affliction into Babylon.

6 e Which was a measure in dry things conteining about ten pottels.

6 f That is, all the wickednes of the vngodlie is in Gods sight, which he kepeth in a measure and can shut it or open it at his pleasure.

7 h Which representeth iniquitie, as in the next verse.

8 i Signifying that Satan shulde not haue suche power against the Jewes to tempt them as he had in time past, but that God woulde shut vp iniquitie in a measure as in a prison.

9 k Which declared that God wolde execute his judgementes by the meanes of weake and infirme meanes.

11 i To remoue the iniquitie and afflictions that came for the same from Judah, to place it for euer in Bablyon.