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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zephaniah 1

3 a Not that God was angrie with these dimme creatures, but because man was so wicked for whose cause they were created, God maketh them to take parte of the punishment with him.

4 b Which were an order of superstitious men appointed to minister in the service of Baal, and were as his pecular chapelens, read { 2 King 23,5}, {hosea 10,5}.

4 ! Threatnings against Judah and Jerusalem, because of their idolatrie.

5 c He alludeth to their idole Molech, which was forbidden {Leu. 20:2}, yet they called him their king and made him as god; therefore he here noteth them that wil bothe saye they worship God, & yet wil sweare by idoles and serve them: which halting is here condemned, as {Ezek 20,39}, 2 king: 17,31}.

8 d Meaning the courtears which did imitate the strange apparel of other nacions to winne their fauour thereby, & to appeare glorious in the eyes of all other, {Eze. 23:14}.

9 e He meaneth the servantes of the rulers which invade other mens houses and rejoyce and leape for joy when they can get any pray to please their master withall.

10 f Signifying that all the corners of the citie of Jerusalem shulde be ful of trouble.

11 g This is ment of the strete of the marchantes which was lower then the rest of the palce about it.

12 i By their prospertie they are hardened in their wickednes.

14 k The that trusted in their owne strength and contemned the Prophets of God.