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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nahum 3

1 a It neuer ceaseth to spoile and robbe.

2 b He sheweth how the Caldeans shal haste, and how couragious thier horses shalbe in beating the grounde when they come against the Assyrians

4 c He compareth Nineueh to an harlot, which by her beautie and subtiltie entiseth yong men, & bringeth them to destruction.

8 d Meaning, Alexandria, which was in league with so manie nacions, and yet was now destroyed.

8 ! No power can escape the hand of God.

15 e Signifying, that Gods judgements shulde suddenly destroye the Assyrians, as these vermine are with raine or change of wether.

19 g Meaning that thre was no people to whome the Assyrians had not hurt.