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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nahum 2

1 ! He describeth the victories of the Caldeans against the Assyrians.

1 a That is, Nebuchad-nezar is in a readines to destroye the Assyrians: & the Prophet derideth the enterprises of the Assyrians which prepared to resist him.

2 b Seing God hathe punished his owne people, Judah and Israel, he wil now punish the enemies by whome he scourged them, read {Isa. 10, 21}.

2 c Signifying, that the Israelites where vtterly destroyed.

3 d Bothe to feare the enemie, and also that they them selues shulde not so sone espie blood one of another to discourage them.

3 e Meaning, their speares shulde shake and crashe together.

5 f Then the Assyrians shal seke by all meanes to gather their power, but all things shal faile them.

8 g The Assyrians wil flatter them selues & say, that Nineueh is so ancient that it can neuer perish, & is as a fish poole, who se waters they that walke on the banckes, can not touche, but they shalbe scattered, & shal not loke backe, thogh men wolde call them.

9 h God commandeth the enemies to spoile Nineueh, & promiseth them infinite riches, & treasures.

10 i That is, Nineueh, & the men thereof shalbe after this sorte.

10 k Read, {Joel 2,6}.

11 l Meaning, Nineueh, whose inhabitants were cruel like the lyons & giuen to all oppression & spared no violence or tyrannie to prouide for their wiues; & children.

13 nSignifying the heraldes, which were accustomed to proclame warre Some read of thy gumme tethe wherewith Nineuehy was wont to bruse the bones of the poore.

13 m That is, assone as my wrath beginneth to kindle.