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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nahum 1

1 c That is, borne of a poore village in the tribe of Simeon.

1 b The vision or reuelation, which God commanded Nahum to write concerning the Nineuites.

1 ! Of the destruction of the Assyrians, and of the deliuerance of Israel

2 e With his he is but angrie for a time, but his angre neuer aswageth toward the reprbat, thogh for a time he deferre it.

3 f Thus the wicked wolde make Gods mercie an occasion to sinne, but the Prophet willeth them to consider his force and justice.

6 g If all creatures be at Gods commandment & none is able to resist his wrath, shal man flatter him self and thinke by anie meanes to escape when he prouoketh his God to angre?

7 h Lest the faithful shulde be discouraged by hearing the power of God he sheweth them that his mercies apperteine vnto them & that he hathe care ouer them.

8 i Signifying, that God wil suddenly destroye Nineueh, and the Assyrians in suche sort as thei shal lie in perpetual darknes & neuer recouer their strength againe.

9 k He sheweth that the enterprises of the Assyrians against Judah and the Church, were against God, & therefore he wolde so destroye them at once, that he shulde not nede to returne the seconde time.

10 l Thogh the Assyrians thinke them selues like thornes that pricke on all sides, yet the Lord wil set fyre on them & as drenken men are not able to stand against anie force, so thei shalbe nothing able to resist him.

11 m Which may be vnderstand either of Saneherib, or of the whole body of the people of Nineueh.

12 n Thogh they thinke them selues in moste safetie, and of greatest strength yet when God shal passe by, he wil destroye them: not withstanding he comforteth his Church and promiseth to make an end of punishing them by the Assryians.

14 o Meaning Saneherib, who shulde haue no more children, but be slaine in the house of his gods, {2 Kings 19,35}.

15 p Which peace the Jewes shulde enjoy by the death of Saneherib.