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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Micah 4

1 ! Of the kingdome of Christ,m and felicitie of his Church.

1 a When Christ shal come, and the Temple shal be destroyed.

1 b Read {Isa. 2,3}.

2 c He sheweth that the re is no true Church but where as the people are tought by Gods pure worde.

3 d By his corrections and threatings he wil bring the people into subjuection which are in the vtmost corners of the worlde.

3 e They shal absteine from all euil doing, and exercise them selues in godlines & in wel doing to others.

3 f Read {Isa. 2,4}.

5 g He sheweth that the people of God oght to remaine constant in their religion, albeit all the worlde shulde giue them selues to their supersticion & idolatrie.

7 h I wil cause that Israel, which is now as one lame & halting and so almost destroied, shal liue againe & growe into a great people.

8 k The florishing state of the kingdome, as it was vnder Dauid & Salomon, which thing was accomplished to the Church by the coming of Christ.

8 i Meaning Jerusalem where the Lords flocke was gathered.

9 l In the meane season he sheweth that they shuld indure great troubles and tentations when they sawe themselues nether to haue King nor counsel.

12 m He sheweth that the faithful oght not to measure Gods judgements by the bragges and threatings of the wicked, but thereby are admonished to lifte vp their heartes to God to call for deliuerance.

13 n God giueth his Church this victorie so oft as he ouercometh their enemies: but the accomplishment hereof shalbe at the last comming of Christ.