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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Micah 3

1 ! Against the tryannie of princes, and false prophetes.

1 a That thing which is juste & lawful, bothe to gouerne my poeple aright & also to discharge your owne conscience?

3 b The Prophet condemneth the wicked gouerners not onely of couuetousnes, theft, and murther, but compareth them to wolues, lyons, & moste cruel beasts.

4 c That is, when I shal visite their wickednes: for thogh I heare the godlie before the crie, {Isa 65,24}, Yet I wil not heare these thogh they crye, {Isa 1,15}, {iam. 2, 13}, {I pet, 3, 11}.

5 d They deuoure all their substance, & then flatter them, promising that all shal go wel; but if one restraine from their belies, then they inuent all wayes to mischief.

6 e As you haue loued to walke in darkenes, and to prophecie lies so God shal rewarde you with grosse blindenes, and ignorance, so that when all others shal se the bright beames of Gods graces, ye shal as blinde men grope as in the night.

7 f When God shal discouer them to the worlde, they shal be afraid to speake: for all shal be afraid to speake: for all shal knowe that they were but false prophetes, and did belye the worde of God.

8 g The Prophet being assured of his vocation by the Spirit of God, setteth himself alone against all the wicked, shewing how God bothe gaue him giftes, habilitie, and knowledge to discerne betwene good & euil, and also constancie to reproue the sinnes of the people, and not to flatter them.

10 h They buylde them houses by briberie, which he calleth blood and iniquitie.

11 i They wil say, that they are the people of God, and abuse his Name as a pretence to cloke their hypocrisie.