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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Obadiah 1

1 b Thus the heathen incourage them selues to rise against Edom.

1 a God hathe certeinly reueiled to his Prophetes that he wil raise vp the heathen to destroy the Edomites, whereof the rumour is now published, {Jerem. 49,14}.

3 c Which despiseth all others in respect of they self & yet art but an handful in comparison of others, and are sjhut vp among the hiles as separate from the rest of the worlde.

5 d God wil so destroy them that he wil leaue none, thogh theves when they come, take but til thei haue ynough, and they that gather grapes, euer leaue some behinde them, {Jerem,. 49,9).

7 e They in whome thou didest trust for to haue helpe and friendship of them shal be thine enemies and destroy thee.

7 f That is, thy familiar frinds and ghestes haue by secret practises destroyed thee.

10 g He sheweth the cause why the Edomites were so shaprely punished: to wit, because they were enemies to his Church, whome now he comforteth by punishing their enemies.

11 h When Nebuchad-nezzar came against Jerusalem, you joynedst with him & hadest part of the spoile, & so didest rejoyce when my people, that is, thy brother were afflicted, where as thou shuldest haue pitied & holpen thy brother.

12 i When the Lord depriued them of their former dignitie and gaue them to be caryed into captiuitie.

15 k When he wil sommon all the heathen, and send them to destroy thee.

16 m The Edomites shalbe vtterly destroyed, & yet in despite of all the enemies I wil reserue my Church & restore it.

16 l That it, rejoiced & triumphed.

18 n God attributeth this power to consume his enemies to his Church which power is only as proper to himself, as {Isa 10, 17}, {deu 4,24} {chr. 12, 29}

19 o He describeth how the Church shalbe inlarged & haue great possessions, but this chiefly is accomplished vnder Christ when as the faithful are made heires and lords of all things by him which is their head.

20 p By the Canaanites the Jewes meane the Dutche men, and by Aarephath, France, and by Sepharad, Spaine.

21 q Meaning that God wil raise vp in his Church suche as shal rule & gouerne for the defence of the same, and destruction of his enemies vnder Messiah, whome the Prophet calleth here the Lord & head of this kingdome.