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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Amos 9

1 b Bothe the chief of them & also the commune people.

1 a Which was at Jerusalem: for he appeared not in the idolatrous places of Israel.

1 ! Threatenings against the Temple.

3 c He sheweth that God will declare him slefe enemie vnot them in all places, and that his elementes and all creatures shalbe enemies to destroy them.

6 d He declareth by the wonderful ppower of God, by the making of the heauens and the elements that it is not possible for man to escape his judgements when he punisheth.

7 e Am I more bounde to you then to the Ethiopians or blackemores? yet haue I bestowed vpon you greater benefites.

8 g Thogh he destroye the rebellious multitude, yet he wil euer reserue the remnant his Church to call vpon his Name.

9 h Meaning, that none of his shulde perish in his wrath.

11 i I wil sned the Messiah promised and restore by him the spiritual Israel, {Act. 15, 16}.

12 k Meaning that the very enemies, as were the Edomites & others, shulde by joyned with the Jewes in one societie and body, whereof Christ shulde by the head.

13 l Signifying that there shal be great plenty of all things so that when one kinde of frute is ripe, another shulde followe & euerie one in course, {Leu. 26, 5}.

14 n The accomplishement hereof is vnder Christ, when they are planted in his Church, out of the which they can neuer be pulled, after they are once graffed therein.