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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Amos 4

1 a Thus he calleth the princes and gouerners, which being ouerwhelmed with the great abundance of Gods benefites, forgate God, & therefore he calleth them by the name of beastes & not of men.

1 b They incourage suche as haue autoritie ouer the people, to powle them, so that they may haue profite by it.

2 c He alludeth to fishers which catche fish by hokes and thornes.

4 d He speaketh this in contempt of them which resorted to these places, thinking that their great deuocion and good intention had bene sufficient to haue bounde God vnto them.

4 e Read {Deut 14, 28}.

5 g You onely delite in these outwarde ceremonies & haue none other respect.

7 i I staied the raine til the frutes of the earth were destroyed with drought, & yet you wolde not consider it to returne to me by repentance.

8 k Thei colde not find water ynough where they had heard say it had rained

11 m You were almost all consumed, and a fewe of you wonderfully preserued, {2 King 14, 26}.